“Metaphor” is a healing arena that epitomizes a metaphorical representation of deep processing.

It is a one-stop solution for Dance Movement Therapy (DMT), Counseling and Bollywood dance. Metaphor deals with the mind and body using different psychological techniques to bring about a change and release in an individual through the medium of dance and movement. It brings to you a customized version of catharsis and healing in order to help individuals connect with their inner self and aids transformation. 



Our Team

Aarohi Doshi

Founder Director, Dance Therapy Facilitator, Counselor, Bollywood dance instructor

Aarohi Doshi is a Clinical Psychologist and a certified Dance Movement Facilitator. She is a graduate in Psychology from Fergusson College, Pune and also hold a Post Graduate Dipmoa in Counseling Psychology from the same college. She has alsp completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology from MS University, Vadodara and is a certified Kathak dancer. She is a choreographer and has taught dance for more than 12 years. She is passionate about dance and psychology equally and chose a field where she could amalgamate her love for the two fields. She has undertaken the training for Dance Therapy under the supreme guidance of Tripura Kashyap from Bangalore. She has worked under Artsphere for a while before taking this step to start her new healing arena. She has undertaken several workshops and has also taken individual sessions. She has won many accolades in dance and is an avid observer that helps her analyze people and things with a different perspective. She is a Sub-Editor on the two Indian Dance Therapy Magazines and has designed it. She is currently conducting workshops for old age women and is involved in her Bollywood classes along with her choreographies.