Wellness through dance & movement

I have never done this before but moving in different directions spontaneously, grounding techniques, different sounds and observing how emotions were stored in parts of my body each week was a very liberating experience—a unique energy space that resonated with me at a very deep level.
I'm less anxious , more flowing, more aware of how I've allowed the sense of busyness to take over my life. I feel dance therapy works on subtle level and then starts reflecting positively in my outer world.
I have nothing but praise for Aarohi.I was extremely reluctant to go for counseling,but I feel I did the right thing by meeting her and attending her sessions.It has had an incredibly positive impact on my life.Thank you.



Dance Therapy

Dance Therapy uses FREe movement to sync the mind & body and help you relax & release stored stresses



combine psychology with choreographed, structured dance to feel good about yourself in mind & body.



ONe-on-one talk therapy that provides a safe, confidential space for you to talk to us about anything under the sky


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We run workshops to create engagement opportunities and promote overall wellbeing for businesses of all sizes.


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